"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."
Maya Angelou

Creative Arts

So you think you can't "do" art? Well, that's our cue. At MSS, art is for everyone. The Creative Arts program encourages artistic expression at every level of ability. In fact, when you visit any of our centers, you'll see that each location displays a wide variety of creations completed by MSS artists. We make sure that everyone has plenty of exposure to an ever-growing list of artistic endeavors.

Expanding worlds, discovering gifts

MSS offers opportunities to create art through various media options, creative adaptive equipment, nontraditional tools, dedicated spaces and enthusiastic encouragement of our creative trained art staff. Our Creative Arts program has earned a reputation as the flagship of facilitated arts programs in the region.

We offer the visual arts: print making, painting, drawing, mosaics, watercolors, photography, weaving, sculpture, textiles, paper-making, ceramics and woodworking. Then, there are the digital arts: music and sound recordings, video production and digital photography. We also offer the very popular theater arts: storytelling, song writing, stage performance, puppetry, musical theater and writing workshops. And now MSS artists have the opportunity to participate in exhibitions at The Show Gallery Lowertown. Artists are also given the option to take classes at the gallery, which are taught by practicing artists, free of charge.

The list expands to include everyone, at any level, with any interest. We'll make it happen. For more information, please contact Lauren Hughes at 651-454-9010 or lhughes@mwsservices.org.

Success Story: Alex

The MSS Creative Arts program offers everyone the opportunity to design, build, record, weave, bead, sing, compose and much, much more. Our media list is always growing. Most of all, Creative Arts gives people a chance to use talent and discover gifts. The results, both tangible and intangible, are priceless.

"It always delights a parent when their child makes an art project. It’s truly amazing to witness the moment when your child who can hardly control their hands creates with grand colors a bowl for you on Mother's Day."

Mary Peratt
MSS Parent