Mission Moments


We provide many opportunities for the people we serve to get involved with music. Recently, our Apple Valley choir performed for a 4th grade class at Rosemount Elementary School. One of our clients, Ed, lit up at the opportunity to interact with the children. This interaction was great to see because Ed is sometimes reserved and quiet in new situations. Through this musical event, Ed was able to show the confidence in himself to open up to the kids, asking them questions and interacting in a way that was out of his norm. Even after the event was over, some of the kids came up to shake Ed’s hand and introduce themselves. Ed was able take advantage of the music offering at MSS and use it to be more assertive and confident in a different situation.


Soon Wai

Soon Wai has a passion for art and working with Chloe Russell, the MSS art facilitator at Shoreview, has given him the chance to build on his passion. Soon Wai devotes a part of every week to work with Chloe and learn new ways to be creative. Some of his work has been sold at The Show Gallery Lowertown in St. Paul as well as other art shows.


Joyce and a group of peers banded together and decided they wanted to make an off-site day trip. Joyce showed the initiative to gather her friends, their lunches, and advocated to staff memebrs that getting out of the center would be a great way to spend a day. The staff recognized this person-centered thinking and worked out some logistics so the group could take a trip to Phalen Lake. The group was able to walk around the lake and found a nice spot to eat their lunch. After lunch, Joyce decided that she didn’t like that she saw trash on the ground and around the edge of the lake. So she took it upon herself to pick up all the trash she could find on the way to the car. During one of her breaks, she stopped on the water to sit and soak the sun and said, “gosh my life is good. Everything here is so beautiful. I am so happy and so lucky.”


Being willing to change and adpat our programming is critical, as the needs and wants of the people we serve continue to evolve. This year, Shoreview has started a monthly collaborative art project whereas the project changes monthly and ends with a final art piece or installation. For the month of April, the project centered around fibers. Our clients dyed, carded, and spun wool to be used next month in weavings. This new program has done a wonderful job of re-energizing the entire center after an extremely long winter.

At MSS, we provide individualized programs and supports to people with intellectual and physical disabilities. We help them reach their personal goals and achieve their full potential. Step inside and see what we mean.
We need your help Closing reception for Portraits of a Place on March 29 from 6-8 pm at The Show Gallery Lowertown in St. Paul.
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