Mission Moments


Max invites many important people to his annual meeting, including his family. In the meeting he gets the opportunity to be the celebrity and show off his relationships with MSS and his family. “I am so grateful for the chance for him to explore his talents, skills and what he is learning. His pride is wildly evident. His family’s pride is palpable and boundless. MSS is the ONLY place where I have witnessed this melding between family and staff.” – Max’s family

Theater Class

In MSS Shoreview’s theater class everyone has the opportunity to grow and build their communication skills. Some of our folks have never acted before and now consider it a favorite hobby. Several participants who are usually nonverbal have increased their verbal communication and are enthusiastic class participants. More connections were made and a friendship formed when two of our actresses practiced their lines together at home.


One of MaryAnn’s goals is to work on leadership skills, so when she had the opportunity to lead an art project she jumped at the chance. She went to Hobby Lobby and picked out the supplies which was an excellent life skills lesson because she had a budget of $25 and needed to be thrifty. She was then offered some guidance as to how to set the project up but she completely took over from there. MaryAnn guided her peers in a positive way and everyone had an awesome time!


Riley is a very empathetic person; he is considerate and genuinely cares about people. He also LOVES power tools. Riley does not typically participate in craft projects but when he heard MSS Apple Valley needed assistance with a particular project and that he would be able to use power tools, he wanted to help. He got really into the project saying things like “Oh man! Apple Valley is going to love these!” and “It’s good that we can help out the other people like this.”


At Celebrate!, MSS’ biggest fundraising event of the year, Caleb wowed the crowd with a heart warming speech about what Community Connections means to him. Caleb shared his inspiring journey about gaining employment as well as the important Community Connections he has made in his life, including the supportive relationships he has with his coworkers, personal trainer, and friends at MSS.  

Whether it’s a chance to create art, a program to manage autism anxiety, or an opportunity to be productive in the working world, Midwest Special Services sees possibility for every one who crosses our threshold. See what we mean.
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