Mission Moments


When Rhonda joined MSS, she did not seem very engaged and was initially uninterested in working.  After encouragement, she began working at Christ Church in Woodbury, where she discovered she enjoys and excels at custodial work. Rhonda takes pride in her work and she likes earning a paycheck, too. Recently, Rhonda completed a performance measurement and passed! She was excited to share this news with everyone.  Being employed and active has built her confidence and self-esteem.  Rhonda says she is happy to come to work each day.


We are so grateful to have Caroline, a student from McNally Smith College of Music, sing at the Shoreview center on a regular basis. She performs music from all different genres and styles and is determined to play any song suggestion, even if she does not know the lyrics. Caroline gets the whole crowd excited and inspires everyone to come together to hear her sing and play guitar.


MSS Brooklyn Park Volunteers

On Brooklyn Park’s most recent Meals on Wheels route MSS volunteers were able to assist in a new way while delivering meals. When the group arrived at one of the addresses the individual inside was unable to come to her door because she had fallen in her apartment and needed urgent assistance. She spoke through the door to the volunteers who asked a neighbor to call 911. Upon returning from the route, they were thrilled to have helped a community member in need and they learned the true value in serving others.


Robarre has attended our Apple Valley location for many years. During his time with us his physical abilities have waned, so he spends the majority of his days resting. He has limited vision and has very few interactions with those around him. Just over six months ago, Ashley joined the staff at MSS. She soon started a routine of saying good morning to Robarre while rubbing his head. She did this every day and little or no reaction was seen from Robarre.  Recently, Robarre began responding to this morning routine. He started sitting up and sometimes even flashed a smile. One day Robarre surprised us when he sat up, lifted his head with a smile, reached out to Ashley, and rubbed her head. He made it very clear that he was saying “Good Morning!” back to Ashley.


Recently MSS choir members from the Brooklyn Park center attended a choir training in Eagan. Jeffrey arrived back at the center from the training pumped to be a part of something he loves. He sometimes shies away from group activities, but most people at the center have heard Jeffrey singing from time to time and could see that it is something he enjoys. Using this knowledge they asked him about joining the MSS choir and he agreed. This is a wonderful example of person- centered thinking working its magic.

Whether it’s a chance to create art, a program to manage autism anxiety, or an opportunity to be productive in the working world, Midwest Special Services sees possibility for every one who crosses our threshold. See what we mean.
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