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Caregiver Connections

Our job is to support the individuals who come to MSS every day, but we realize that caregivers can use support too! That is why we have Caregiver Connections, a support community for caregivers, families and friends of the people we support at our centers.

Stories, ideas, speakers and more

Nobody's experience as a caregiver is quite like anyone else's. That's really great news, because each caregiver's perspective then becomes a treasure trove of ideas to share with others. Imagine finding the best barber for someone who has autism, or the perfect dentist who understands anxiety. What if someone could share a way to make mornings smoother, or evenings calmer, or you could help someone searching for the best answers for a young person turning 18 and leaving a school program?

Caregiver Connections is designed to bring people together to listen to, and learn from, one another. We offer expert speakers and coaches, from within MSS and from our local communities. The goal is to provide education, information, perspective and community.

For more information about Caregiver Connections, contact Jodi Meerovich at, or (651) 793-4179.

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Caregiver Connections Calendar

Brooklyn Park **
Thursday, May 11 @ 10:00 a.m.

Apple Valley **
Thursday, May 25 @ 10:00 a.m.

** Guest speaker

**In 2014, Marc Miller lost his 19-year-old son, Gunnar, in a skateboarding accident. Following the accident, Marc formed the Gunnar Project and has been presenting and speaking to different groups of people about Happ(i)ness. Happ(i)ness can be illusive through all of life’s challenges. Learning about and discussing some of the paradoxes surrounding Happ(i)ness can encourage everyone to pursue Happ(i)ness everyday.

"This group has been a godsend to me. For far too many years, I was looking for a support group for parents of adults with developmental disabilities. Through networking, I've finally found exactly what I've needed - support and information from others (including occasional speakers). I receive support from people who truly understand. I am so lucky to have found this group - more so, these wonderful, compassionate, caring people."

Nancy C.