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Day Training & Habilitation Services

Day Training & Habilitation (DTH) Services at MSS are a flexible blend of the full range of programs we provide throughout our facilities. No matter which MSS location you choose, you'll find dedicated staff members working hard to set goals with the people we support and build relationships with their families and caregivers.

We see ability.

We welcome people at all levels of ability. MSS staff builds relationships, identifies opportunities to grow, helps people set goals, and then follows through. Once we understand a person's unique strengths and barriers, we do everything we can to create bigger, more satisfying lives for the people we serve. We offer:

  • Supported employment and job-training activities
  • Adaptive equipment and assistive technology, including our award-winning eTrac® curriculum
  • Facilitated exploration of creative arts
  • Training in self-care, communication and interpersonal skills
  • A variety of individualized training activities that will enhance adaptive living skills, like managing finances and using community resources
  • Community-integrated education and volunteer and self advocacy opportunities
  • Leisure and recreational activities, both in our facilities and out in surrounding communities
  • Transportation for all activities
  • A welcoming environment and staff that goes above and beyond expectations

To learn more about DTH at MSS or to schedule a tour, contact the Director of the center nearest you. We want to meet you and hear about your hopes, needs, and goals.

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Success Story: Dan

"The MSS staff members all work tirelessly to help my son and his peers feel included and welcome. They face even the most complicated needs head-on. I have so much appreciation and respect for them."

Bernadette Bernadini