Meaningful, manageable work, and the training to make it happen

Vocational Services

Everyone wants to contribute, earn, and succeed without running into barriers. Our Vocational Services are funded both through Supportive Employment Services and Vocational Rehabilitation Services. We offer a variety of programs to ensure each individual can explore, develop and assess skills, receive training on specific career areas, and obtain and maintain employment in the community through placement services.

Mobile Work Crews

We have many opportunities for individuals to work in a supportive setting where a job coach is on site while individuals develop skills and the abilities necessary to obtain employment in the community. Current sites are focused within the food service, janitorial, and manufacturing fields.

Supportive Employment

We work with individuals on finding community-based employment related to their skills, interests, and job goals. This is accomplished through one–on–one meetings where a job placement specialist works with the individual on all of the skills needed to obtain employment. Upon receiving a job offer, our job placement specialists will assist with orientation and any job coaching needs. We additionally provide retention services.

Vocational Rehabilitation Services

We offer Work Evaluations, Work Adjustment Training, Job Shadows, Job Seeking Skill Training, online eTrac training, Placement Services, and industry specific training: Janitorial, Forklift, Direct Support Professional. Each service is individualized and focuses on creating opportunities for long term employment success by matching skills and abilities within their chosen job goal.

For more information about our Vocational Services Program, please contact Alison Mertens at 651-777-7220 or

Success Story: Caleb

“Working at the Good Samaritan Society is a dream situation. It is a low stress job and I have a very supportive boss.”

James, Dietary Aide
Good Samaritan Society