Mission Moments


Joyce expressed interest in learning how to use the 3D printer. She was part of a small group who received training on the MSS 3D printer in the St. Paul Center. After completing training, Joyce and a couple of other MSS participants were given the opportunity to visit AdvancedTek, a company in St. Paul which set MSS up with its 3D printer and provides continuous support with the technology. Joyce and her MSS friends were given an orientation on how the equipment at AdvancedTek works and they started slowly, creating things like a key chain and ring. The group then got to work on the prototype rings that were used for this year’s Celebrate! event for the Wine Toss game. “It felt good making the rings because I did it myself,” Joyce said. “I’ve got magic hands.”


Isamar & Gwen

Isamar was growing frustrated with her wheelchair always breaking. She was dealing with it the best she could while she waited for the opportunity to get a new chair. Gwen understood Isamar’s frustration because she had just received a new fitted chair after a long and stressful wait. Not wanting her friend to go through any more anguish over an ever-broken wheelchair, Gwen asked if she could donate her old, perfectly functioning chair to Isamar. Isamar was beyond excited at the prospect of having a chair to use that didn’t constantly break down and thanked Gwen over and over with a giant smile on her face. Gwen took several minutes to explain to Isamar everything she needed to know about how to use the chair.


Mark is new to MSS. He is someone that is curious and likes to try different things. Since we are just getting to know Mark we have let him lead us to his interests without having expectations, which has reminded us that we are here to support individual’s living the life they want to lead.


Michael has been working on effectively communicating with people. He has used iPad programs to help him with phonics, practice phone calls, flash cards and social skills groups. For a while, Michael was using a word that no one at MSS could understand. During a recent visit for a few people, Michael was trying to get others to understand that one word. He would say it, then say house, over and over, trying to get them to understand him. One staff member asked if he was saying “summer house?” Michael continued to say no, repeat the word and then say house. Finally, another staff asked, “Chaparral house?”, which is the name of the street he lives on. Michael got so excited, gave everyone high-fives, shook their hands, and smiled and said “Yes”!  Michael has been working hard on being an effective communicator and it has been paying off


Ryan is an artist who has worked on many projects throughout his years with MSS but this one may be his favorite. Ryan has partnered with a fellow artist unaffiliated with MSS for our CoLab, which pairs an MSS artist with an established artist so they can create pieces together. Ryan speaks softly and does not always express his opinion but working with Christopher brought out his love of drawing and with it came the drive to work as a team to create something they would both be proud of

Whether it’s a chance to create art, a program to manage autism anxiety, or an opportunity to be productive in the working world, Midwest Special Services sees possibility for every one who crosses our threshold. See what we mean.
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