Mission Moments


Everyone has a passion in life and Tim’s passion is sports. The day after a game, he is more than willing to share the scores from the game with some of our staff. In the winter and fall his favorite teams are the Gophers and the Wild but his all-time favorite team is the Twins. Tim will often have a sheet of paper ready to present with the scores of the game written by each inning. He knows who won, who was injured, and what team the Twins play next. Tim’s passion for sports is an inspiration to others to find a interests worth sharing. Connection is important to Tim. Tim is important to us.



Barb loves to work. It is easy to take for granted the ability to go to work but Barb doesn’t. She is proud of the tasks she completes each day and is always excited for the next day’s work. When there is little work to be done, she does what she can to find more work. We love seeing Barb take great pride in what she does and in three years we will be cheering her on when she gets her Length of Service Award for working 10 years. Work is important to Barb. Barb is important to us.

Steve and Mary

Steve & Mary

Good friendships can last a lifetime and Mary and Steve are a perfect example. Both Mary and Steve have Down Syndrome and Mary takes care of Steve each and every day. Steve’s abilities have declined over the last few years due to dementia, but Mary is always by his side so that he can fully-participate with others. The love shown is real and it is impressive because Mary’s love asks for nothing in return. Friendship is important to Mary and Steve. Mary and Steve are important to us.


Michael may not be able to see with his eyes but words create pictures in his mind. Michael was to choose a color he liked to glaze a piece of pottery he made. Being that he is visually impaired, he was unable to simply say what color he would like to use but he was able to communicate his color of choice by responding to descriptions of colors such as hot and cold and strawberry and mango. Choice is important to Michael. Michael is important to us.



As an artist, Randy thrives on creating striking paintings and drawings and connecting with the people around him. After struggling to find a program that was a good fit for him, Randy has finally found his purpose and a place where he can be himself.  Although Randy has been with MSS for a short time, his confidence and skill level is already increasing and he was one of two artists chosen to display art at the St. Paul Saints opener game. Randy inspires everyone he interacts with and wants to teach them to express themselves through art. Purpose is important to Randy. Randy is important to us.

Whether it’s a chance to create art, a program to manage autism anxiety, or an opportunity to be productive in the working world, Midwest Special Services sees possibility for every one who crosses our threshold. See what we mean.
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