Mission Moments

Day at the Capitol

Together Paula, Earl, and Shane gathered stories from their peers and staff in writing for the Self-advocacy rally at the MN state capitol building. After the rally, they met with House Rep Tim Mahoney and Senator Foung Hawj. The moment we stepped into the offices, Earl spoke eloquently and articulately. The others followed and inspired others around them to tell their stories. With legislation currently being debated that could have severe consequences on the programs and services MSS provides, it was incredible to see MSS participants spending their time at the Capitol and letting their elected leaders know their feelings.



New to MSS, Nick took an instant liking to the arts program we offer. One of the reasons he chose MSS was his love of art and the opportunities it would bring him. Nick is a bit shy and has taken some time to acclimate to the program, his peers, and those working to support him. He has been offered a variety of art mediums to create and often appeared hesitant or disinterested until he was provided with paint and a brush. Then, he instantly started working and loved every minute of it. He has since been doing more painting and entered his art into the Celebrate! art contest.


Mazin is an incredibly creative and open individual and MSS has provided him the opportunity to develop both of those character traits. One project that he is excited about is a move that he wants to make. He has said that he wants it to be a scary movie but one that people will like and he has taken it upon himself to be involved in all aspects, whether it’s coming up with characters or getting others involved in the movie or writing the story. Mazin is taking advantage of the resources and opportunities at MSS to expand on his outgoing personality.


The MSS Apple Valley choir visited The Rosemount Assisted Living facility. Nicole, seen here on the left, helped lead the group, introducing each song and leading the singing. For Nicole, this is an extremely significant event. With severe anxiety and Autism, Nicole has some obstacles that she is working to overcome in social settings. After many rehearsals at our center, she did a fantastic job during the live performance in front of 20-30 people. Nicole has done a remarkable job of working through her obstacles to reach her goals.

At MSS, we provide individualized programs and supports to people with intellectual and physical disabilities. We help them reach their personal goals and achieve their full potential. Step inside and see what we mean.
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