Mission Moments


Being a person-centered organization is a core belief of MSS, supporting the people we serve, live the life they choose. Michael is a great example of that. Michael loves video games and would spend a lot of time during his day playing, which was preventing him from participating in other daily activities offered at MSS. Recently, a staff member had the idea to take Michael’s enjoyment of video games and turn it in a different direction: programming and video game design. When presented with this choice, Michael jumped at it and he was introduced on how to create his own game and characters. Others have joined Michael and have shown interest in video game creation. Giving Michael the choice to take his passion for video games into another activity has been fantastic.



The art programs offered at MSS are a great way for people we support to express their feelings, engage more socially with others and create an identity for themselves. Caleb is typically quiet but will participate in certain activities. One activity that allows Caleb to flourish is art. He has been working closely with our art facilitators and recently completed a piece that is hanging in The Show Gallery Lowertown in St. Paul. The piece is part of the Chaos exhibition. His passion for art and the opportunity he has at MSS to feed that passion, has Caleb spending more time creating art and working with the art facilitators.

Lorenzo & Tommie

Having opportunities to interact outside of their own center is beneficial to the people we support. Lorenzo and Tommie are clients at different centers, but with the opportunity to expand their communities, the pair have collaborated on art projects and developed a strong friendship. The relationship has allowed Lorenzo to take on a “mentor” role and practice appropriate social boundaries. For Tommie, he is meeting new, interesting people he can interact with. The relationship the two have built highlights how MSS promotes community proving why it is more than a “day program” for so many people.


MSS has provided Michael with the opportunity to explore new ways to communicate.  With a limited vocabulary and writing skills, Michael began devising unique ways to communicate. He started using iPad programs, making phone calls and taking advantage of social skills groups. The expansion of his communicating skills continued to grow recently as he began typing, which allowed him to type the names of his favorite people, creating another mode of communication for him.

At MSS, we provide individualized programs and supports to people with intellectual and physical disabilities. We help them reach their personal goals and achieve their full potential. Step inside and see what we mean.
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