Mission Moments


Jane is in the DTH program and wants to be a DSP. She has been working on getting the credentials needed to do so. Jane recently took AHA FA/CPR/AED training. She was part of a new structured CPR class that was split up between three sessions of two hours each for her and two of her peers. Jane took the initiative to learn to help set up the class as well asking the instructor to help set up the manikins. Jane learned the materials and passed the skills needed for CPR/AED certification. She also took the time to help mentor her peers in the class that have had struggles while learning the CPR Skills. Following that class Jane completed her training in First Aid to receive her final CPR/AED/FA Certification. Jane is also planning on being an assistant to the instructor in future peer to peer CPR/FA classes at MSS.



Max loves Halloween and begins planning for his favorite holiday in August. He takes the time to “assign” everyone their costumes. This year, he took it a step further. He had a vision that he wanted to create with his peers at MSS. He wrote lists of things he wanted to make, drew pictures of his vision, and helped make elaborate designs to decorate for our Halloween party. Max orchestrated the building of all of the sets, making sure to include everyone in his vision. He was so proud of his work, inviting his family to come and see the enchanted world that he masterminded. He hopes to use these for the set of a movie in the future.


Nick goes to Augsburg University and helps with the dishes. There is the loader, unloader, scrubber and a person on the line. Nick was loading dishes, but was only using one hand. I thought to myself, God gave us two hands, let’s use them. I told Nick, “Let’s use our two hands, do you want me to show you?” He nodded yes, so I stood behind him and held his left and right hand with my hands and physically showed him how to use both hands to pick up the plates, pans. I stepped away and said “Alright, now use your two hands without me!” and he smiled, picked up two things at once and he successfully did it! I let out a little cheer. It is amazing to see progress and success.


Today Barb came into the office to show us the pillow she made. She was very excited and said “I can make anything that my heart desires, I can make anything. Staff taught me how to use the sewing machine and I learned how to sew by myself. The next one is going to be a turkey! For Thanksgiving!” It was great to see Barb so enthusiastic about a new project.


Art is an exciting form of expression for many, but there are others that shy away or feel that it isn’t their cup of tea. Steven was one of the guys saying I like sports, not art, until he found that he could combine his love of sports with art. Steven has now been creating tiles with sports logos that are gorgeous and has found a new way to express and share with others his love of the games.


Joan has been working hard daily to succeed at her goal of making a music video. One way she prepares is to practice her piano and vocal skills by playing for the entire center. She is creative in her song choices and her favorite is “Stand by Me”. From the moment Joan toured with MSS she was talking about wanting to sing and play different instruments. It is a joy to support Joan in helping make her life all that she wants it to be.

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